Max Out Your Experience
Log into our games with your BscotchID to get your grubby fingers on some neato stuff. "LIKE WHAT!?" you scream? WELL: How about a free pet in Quadropus Rampage, a coin boost in Flop Rocket, and Internet friends in every game? PLUS, if you support our studio by buying a ButterUp (or paying up front, for some games) you'll get access to cross-platform save syncing (fancy!), cross game content (schmancy!), and other swanky stuff (pantsy!).
Achievements With Purpose
In most games "achievements" don't even warrant the name. Even worse, they have no impact on your game, so why care that you just fought off your 10,000th zombie? With BscotchID your achievements in one game ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING. They can even unlock totally new content in different Butterscotch games!!
So Hot Right Now
We're making new games all the time. And updating or porting the old ones. And we have a Podcast. And we tell jokes on Twitter. HOLY CRAP SO MANY LINKS! But we make it easy: the BscotchID lander, in every Butterscotch game, will keep you up to date on the latest shenanigans from our studio, the Bscotch community, and your gaming pals.
You Do Have Friends, Right?
Bring your glorious friends into the fold, send them loving messages, and then DESTROY THEM on friends-only leaderboards. In Flop Rocket you'll even see your friends' crashed ships as you go sailing by, cackling maniacally. And once we start rolling out multiplayer games, you'll already have your colleagues and competitors ready to go! Plus you can use your BscotchID in our Forums, or use the in-game Random Friend Finder, to make new friends!
Butterscotch Shaped Cloud
Want to play Crashlands on your computer, and then continue right where you left off on your phone? When you buy our games (or ButterUp) and then log in with BscotchID, your data gets saved to our servers and magically moved to whatever device you're on. True mobility!
Digital Ownership
This isn't free-to-play. This is modern-day ownership. Your ButteredUp games are saved to your BscotchID Library, so if you drop your phone, factory reset your tablet, or just take a break from games for a year, you'll still have access, whenever you return.
Unless You're a Jerk
We are going to build the most loving game community that has ever existed. And jerks will not stop us. People who poison the community are swiftly cut from the herd. This is so important to us that the first part of our Terms is the Don't Be a Jerk Policy.
Your Privates, Private
We only take a valid email address for your BscotchID registration. No birthdays, real names, or addresses. And we won't be selling your data or sending it to sketchy advertising companies, so your privates are safe with us (see our Privacy Policy for details).
Bragging rights
So you've got all our games and a bunch of Bscotch friends, but how will they know that you're kicking their butts? Earn Avatars through Perks, by doing cool stuff in the community (like getting a question answered on our Podcast), or by leveling up your BscotchID! Then use your Avatars to show off your gaming prowess!